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How do you get a true value for your record collection. What is your vinyl worth, maybe you have a rare first pressing of The Beatles Please Please Me, it could be worth up to £3500.00!


If you have any pre loved second hand vinyl records in your loft, garage, shed, under the stairs, even in the cellar or maybe still in the living room cupboard, and you want to finally part with them please give me a call on 01728 668097 or email on I bet you haven't looked at your old LP's and singles for years let alone played them! You might be surprised at what they are worth. I recently saw a collection of rock albums that the owner brought round to show me, he was on the way to the dump, or should I say Civic Recycling Centre! in any event he was going to throw them away. Fortunately they spotted my web site and they are now £500.00 better off!

I collect folk music, rock music, pop music, jazz, blues, and classical so there will probably be something in your collection.

Record collecting is a bit like book collecting, for top value the record generally needs to be a first pressing (UK pressing helps), be in excellent to near new condition (also meaning no names written on it!) and have all its original inserts (poster, cards, bonus single etc). It can be hard to tell these things if you don’t know what to look for but there are helpfully a number of excellent books to help, like THE RARE RECORD PRICE GUIDE, by Record Collector, for the UK market and GOLDMINE RECORD ALBUM PRICE GUIDE for the USA market. You can also get a quick flavor of what your much loved vinyl is worth by simply looking the artist and title up on EBAY and finding the same pressing, check the colour of the record label and the details the seller has written about the record they are selling, you can usually tell alot just by studying the photographs.

I have had many many years experience grading and valuing and selling records and will always give a candid and frank assessment of your record collection, you might already have decided on a price I will always make you a great offer for all of your vinyl.

Here’s some more info’ sourced from The Daily Telegraph online

NIC JONES Penguin Eggs 1980 Topic 12TS 411 £30
With the huge interest and prices for acid folk LPs the more traditional folk albums issued in England in the 70s and 80s get badly overlooked. But this is an area that could be quietly invested in. An artist like Nic Jones is a case in point: his first three albums on Trailer issued between 1970 and 1971 have not been reissued for years and Penguin Eggs is a neglected classic. Another to squire into your master bedroom is Bright Pheobeus by Lal and Mike Waterson on Trailer, from 1973, which is unreasonably cheap at £35

U2 Boy 1980 Island ILPS 9646 £15
Hardened collectors already pay a lot of care and attention to the matrix numbers of 60s and 70s albums to establish first pressings and this forensic attention to detail is going to carry over into classic 80s bands. Thus a wise investment would be a Mint copy of this debut U2 album and October (1981), War (1983), and The Joshua Tree (1987) should also be investigated. Although these albums sold by the million and crop up all the time in shops, fairs and online, get a first pressing with A1 matrixes with the sleeve, inner and vinyl in perfect condition.

BLACK SABBATH Master Of Reality 1971 Vertigo 6360 050 £300+
The key thing here is to acquire a Mint copy complete with poster and box and make sure that the matrix numbers scream out first pressing. This guarantees an increase in price over time. This applies across the board to all 60s and 70s heavyweight collectible albums from Van Der Graaf Generator to original Harvest LPs (without the boxed EMI logo) and accounts for the fevered bidding at times on Mint records with - for example - A1/B1 matrixes. It is vital that you know what to look for on the run-out groove, and sleeves, inserts, posters, vinyl and labels must be in immaculate condition for Bob, or indeed Geezer, to be your uncle.

PINK FLOYD A Saucerful Of Secrets 1967 Columbia SX 6157 £400
The key to this being a secure investment is a Mint mono copy. Although this album is already valued at £400 in the Rare Record Price Guide, Pink Floyd are a blue chip investment and Pink Floyd with Syd at the helm are a blue chip investment with bells on. Other Floyd assets to secure are Mint copies of The Division Bell from 1994, which was pressed in small quantities, blue triangle first pressings of Dark Side Of The Moon (1973, £500), The First XI (1979, £200), the '97 Vinyl Collection box (1997, £80), and the More (1969, £50) soundtrack, which is cheap with growth potential.

THE BEATLES Please Please Me 1963 Parlophone PCS 3042 £3,500
The Beatles are the blue chip of record collecting and we could feature a number their LPs and singles here that will rise in price. It goes without saying that a Mint stereo copy of their debut LP with the rare Black and Gold label (whatever the publishing credits) has steadily appreciated in value over the years. Our RRPG price is £3,500 and Mint copies have sold for two or three times that on eBay. This is the sort of album that investment bankers would blow their bonuses on, as it appreciates much more than current interest rates would provide.

SEX PISTOLS God Save The Queen 1977 A&M AMS 7284 £8,000
The value of this holy grail punk collectible continues to grow, as a Mint copy remains the crown jewel of any punk collection. Despite having a guide price of £8,000, this is a sound investment. The Sex Pistols have connected with and attract every new generation that has sprung up since 1977 and the reunion tours - and those Rotten butter adverts - have kept them in the public eye. Standard Mint stock copies of UK pressings of their lone LP, Never Mind The Bollocks. Here's The Sex Pistols, are also ones to squirrel away, as most were played to death upon release.

There are of course many records that really have little to no value, and if your albums are in poor condition then even a rare first pressing of The Beatles Please Please Me, might only be worth £100.00!